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    Effective Spend has been crucial to our success on Amazon. With their partnership, we were able to exceed our growth goals this year, and plan to double the Amazon budget next year.

    - Shanil Wazirali -

    Since launching Pinterest Shopping ads and utilizing the Kenshoo platform with Effective Spend, our Pinterest revenue has tripled on an improved ROAS. We are thrilled with this success and excited to expand even further with our agency and technology partners.

    - Lisa Becchetti -
    Director of Customer Acquisition

    We've really been impressed with Effective Spend’s ability to scale with us and continue our great partnership. There are plenty of examples of this, but most specifically their ability to take over the Berlin business in such a quick time frame and produce results immediately was tremendous.

    - Jack Louis -
    Fat Tire Tours

    They don’t feel like a separate contractor. I feel like they’re part of our business, and they share our goals.

    - Russ Kerscher -
    Senior Global Product Marketing Manager

    Effective Spend is such a great partner because they make the effort to really understand our brand. They’re incredibly transparent, super responsive, and very efficient. Our website traffic and revenue have increased markedly, while customer acquisition costs have remained steady.

    - Andy Stone -
    Growth Marketing Director

    Effective Spend is wired for performance, and they truly live up to their name. Compared to other agencies, they're more data-based in their decision making. They helped us put systems in place to clearly analyze our engagement metrics and pinpoint where our orders are coming from. They've helped us maintain a strong level of growth much more efficiently.

    - Jennifer Faren -
    Director of Marketing
    Snap Kitchen

    This has been my best experience working with an ad agency. Effective Spend feels like an extension of our own team – they’re invested in our brand. Within the first year of working with them, our results exceeded expectations. Our traffic, unique users, conversions, and keyword rankings have all exponentially increased, and our revenue has nearly quadrupled.

    - Julianne Cornfield -
    eCommerce Manager
    Verb Products

    We’ve been really happy with our account team and the outcomes Effective Spend has helped us produce.

    - Tabrez Syed -
    Co-Founder & VP, Product Strategy

    Effective Spend has been fantastic! Their team manages our day to day well and we get detailed weekly reports on anything that’s going on. With them, we’ve seen a large increase in our traffic, both on our site and Amazon, without any significant inefficiencies. They’re very data-driven, so if you know what you want, they’ll build a plan for it.

    - John Gunning -
    Chief Growth Officer

    Effective Spend is very attentive, detail-oriented, pragmatic, and intelligent. They have a wide scope on the technology side to troubleshoot problems and have driven a large number of opportunities to our pipeline.

    - Jon Hill -
    Senior Demand Generation Manager

    The Effective Spend team does a phenomenal job and is all but an extension of our marketing team. They provide so much insight and knowledge while being extremely organized. They take the time to put together data in a digestible format and meet with us regularly to discuss results and trends and to plan out future projects. They are quite literally irreplaceable to us.

    - Jennifer Dudley -
    Senior Marketing Manager
    Texas Disposal Systems

    New customer acquisition is blowing it out of the water, and that's no doubt a result of Effective Spend's efforts. We have already had more new customers this year than the entirety of last year.

    - Titus Lam -
    Senior Digital Marketing Manager

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